• Becky Lomax

What do bison think?

This weekend roads open in Yellowstone National Park for the season. At the same time, bison are beginning to move from lower elevations along rivers to higher meadows inside the park. Often, they use the roads for easy travel. We've even gotten caught in the midst of a migrating bison herd ambling up tight curves.

I've always wondered what the bison think when suddenly hoards of people invade their space. Their usual bucolic life of munching grasses gets interrupted by people scooting in close and making noise.

Yellowstone has several wildlife-watching hotspots. For your safety and theirs, always use a telephoto lens (as in this bison pic) and binoculars to view them intimately without being intrusive. Respect is what it's all about.

For trip planning, check here.

bison in Yellowstone
What do bison think?

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