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Becky Lomax writes from Columbia Falls, Montana, where she specializes in the celebrating the outdoors. On foot, skis, and bike, she pursues stories of discovery, seasoned with the voice of experience. Her stories have covered birding, historic ski lodges, alpine hiking trails, new bike paths, backpack adventures, and kayaking. She particularly enjoys tagging along with wildlife researchers, documenting their in-the-field discoveries, and sharing her love of national parks. 


With a background of teaching writing, working in a ski resort, and guiding backpacking, she melds together a distinctive package of skills to blend into her writing and photography. She has also made appearances on television and radio. 

In addition, she has coached authors on putting together fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs for publication. She has also edited manuscripts and taught writing classes.

In 2019, Becky won the Lowell Thomas Award for Excellence in Journalism for her Moon USA National Parks guidebook. 


Find Becky at beckyjlomax on social media.







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