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New October 2022

Inside you'll find coverage of all 63 national parks along with strategic itineraries organized by region and by activity. Trip planning details include how to take a national parks road trip, with advice on how to link the parks together. You'll also discover top outdoor adventures for hikers, bikers, climbers, kayakers, and whitewater rafters, plus expert advice  on how to beat the crowds, best times of year to visit, nearby attractions, and where to stay in and around each park. Know before you go information spells out fees, passes, and reservations. Gorgeous, full-color photos are throughout, plus a handy keepsake section for your national parks stamps and a foldout poster map

New April 2022

This epic, bucket-list journey tours two countries that share the chain of Rocky Mountains forming the Continental Divide. The route links 9 national parks for the best adventures: Jasper, Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Waterton Lakes, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Rocky Mountain. You'll discover hiking to glacial blue lakes and high passes, watching wildlife, paddling, climbing peaks, and driving scenic roads along with the best places to sleep, camp, and refuel yourself and your vehicle. Maps, color photos, and planning information will send you on your way.

New October 2023

​Glacier National Park, now in its eighth edition, consistently ranks high as one of the best all-inclusive travel books for Glacier. You’ll find where to spot a glacier, spy grizzly bears, swim with icebergs, cast lines for native trout, smother taste buds with huckleberry pie, ride horseback, and run your fingers over some of North America’s oldest rock formations. Organized around how visitors use the park, the book connects recreation, lodging, camping, dining, and logistics for each region. Because of grizzlies, the book also includes how to camp, fish, and hike where humans are not top on the food chain.

New September 2022

​Welcome the land of fire and ice. Moon Yellowstone and Grand Teton shows you what you need to know to explore the geysers and vivid cauldrons of water created by the supervolcano hidden under the alien beauty of Yellowstone National Park. You'll find where to marvel at the mountainous spires, glaciated lakes, and canyons of Grand Teton National Park. Along with trip ideas like “One Day in Yellowstone” and “Winter Fun”, the book includes suggestions for the best places to spot elk, bison, bears, and wolves, and tips on which hikes have the most stunning views.

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Best of Books

These fresh titles of a new Moon Travel Guides series targets visitors who want short park trips. Itineraries and activities offer the best of what to experience in one to three days. Readers can pluck up the top-notch places to watch wildlife, hike, bike, and take scenic drives. These photo-heavy book gives snippets of what you can see, and a fold-out map of both parks is tucked in the back cover. 

Older titles

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